Deposit 0.01 BTC

Complete ID verification

Receive a 0.1 BTC Trading Bonus

1. The Bonus cannot be withdrawn, but all profits from trading with the Bonus can be withdrawn any time.
2. Accounts using the 0.1 BTC Bonus will have their maximum Leverage be adjusted to 10x.
3. The Bonus is sub-divided into two parts: 0.005 BTC, or 50% of the deposit, that can be traded and lost, and 0.095 that can be used to open a larger position but not lost. When the margin balance reaches 0.095 BTC or less, the risk control system will be triggered, the position will be automatically closed, and the account frozen.
4. Frozen accounts can be unlocked by depositing again to reach a balance over 0.1 Bitcoin. Additionally, you can also contact Customer Support to directly cancel the Bonus and unfreeze the account.
5. The final interpretation of the rules belongs to BTCMEX. Any malicious behavior, such as multi-account registration, will result in the immediate forfeiture of the Bonus and all related profits.
How to take part:
1. Deposit at least 0.01 BTC.
2. Complete the ID verification and make sure that your account doesn’t have any open positions or orders.
3. Click on “Apply”.
Contact Customer Support